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Digital Consultant
Digital Marketing, Analytics and Optimisation

Digital Consultancy

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Digital Analytics

Business focussed digital analytics services.

  • Establishing website goals and identifying the right KPIs
  • Creating bespoke dashboards and custom reports
  • Setting up and analysing Goals, Events and Funnels
  • Marketing segmentation and analysis to optimise your budget
  • Exec level business commentary and data storytelling to bring the value of data to life

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Digital Marketing Optimisation

If you are spending on paid search ads, Facebook, YouTube or other campaigns, I can help you discover what’s working and what isn’t. I can create a blend of marketing to maximise leads at an efficient budget.

Let me analyse your current marketing performance to filter out what’s not working and help you cost effectively target the right customers.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Do you know where and how you want to improve your website? Do you have lots of ideas you want to test without risking all of your success?

I can create and manage an optimisation programme for you with A/B or multi-variate testing. Test different versions of content, imagery, offers and more, to all or part of your audience.

Digital Marketing Planning

Delivering a robust multi-channel digital marketing strategy and roadmap to secure brand and product visibility across optimised, targeted channels. Channel diversification to ensure your business is operating in the most cost-effective way, maximising benefits from paid media, SEO, social networks, affiliates, aggregators and email.

Digital Consultancy

Passionate about data and analytics, I’m a Digital Consultant and Website Optimisation Specialist. I use data behind ecommerce platforms to grow and maximise your business.

  • Improve your sales conversion by reducing people dropping out of the sales process
  • Understand performance, know what is happening on your website
  • Stop losing customers, find out where and why you are losing visitors
  • Maximise leads, understand what marketing works best for you at generating leads and sales
  • Save money by eliminating campaigns that don’t work and creating a cost-effective multi-channel marketing strategy

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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